Top Tips for Downsizing to a Smaller Home

If you’re one of the older generation and you’re lucky enough to own your own home, then one way to free up your equity and have some fun in later life is to downsize and use the extra money you end up with for whatever pursuits you enjoy. Whilst you’ll probably get a few thousand more if you go through an estate agent, you’ll have to endure a long, laborious and stressful process – and don’t forget it’s one you have to pay through the nose for – what with extortionate estate agent’s fees, solicitor’s charges, surveys and so on. You can sell your property quick for a fair price at no cost to you when you choose a cash buyer. So why not throw tradition out of the window, sell for cash and get hold of the equity in your home quickly. You can make sure your downsize runs smoothly by following these tips:


It may take a day or two but an inventory of everything in your home will really help you decide what to take with you and what to get rid of. If you’ve lived in your home for a long time then the chances are you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff so inspect every room careful and list everything into a keep, bin, sell and charity section. When you’ve done that, the process of sorting out all your belongings will be much more straightforward and smooth.

Early Birds

The early bird catches the worm so once you know that a move is on the cards, or even if you’re still in the process of finding a new place, it’s a good idea to start a thinning out process in your present property. You can use your free time and rope family and friends in at the weekends to tackle one room at a time and start removing the things you don’t want to keep. If you start early it’ll give you a chance to sell things on the internet or even do a car boot sale or two to help fund your move.

Frugal Furniture

If the room dimensions in your new place are smaller then the chances are some of your furniture simply won’t fit the bill. If you’re not sure then find the room dimensions of the property details of the home you’re buying and work out whether your bed, wardrobes or kitchen table will work in the space. That way, if you need to make a new purchase you can do so well in advance of your move.

Get Editing

When it comes down to it, most of us don’t tend to have a huge amount of sentimental items we simply can’t say goodbye to, but when we live in homes for a long time what we do end up with are lots of duplicate and unused items. For example, no one needs five different mixing bowls or 3 washing baskets!

So if you’d like to have fun with the money tied up in your property then why not see if a cash buyer could help you with a quick cash sale that will free you up to downsize and start enjoying your later life.

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