What to Do if a Home Devaluing Disasters Happens to You

In the past few years the property market has suffered a serious setback and people across the UK have found that their homes have decreased in value. However, for the unlucky few the already below average price of their home is reduced even more by an unexpected circumstance that they can’t control. Whilst you can still easily get cash for property from a home buying company in this situation, selling through traditional methods is much more complex. So here’s what to do if a home disaster affects the value of your property.

Unwanted Intrusions

Ever driven past a beautiful quaint cottage right on the side of a busy A road and wondered ‘who would want to live there?’ well, the answer is, probably nobody. Many people have suffered when the landscape around their homes has changed, for example if a tip, power station or sewage works is constructed nearby. In addition, unwanted buildings like prisons or anything that has an impact on the environment like wind turbines, could seriously devalue your home. If you’ve experienced a situation like this with your home then the quickest, simplest and most pain free solution could be to contact a cash home buyer, because they’ll purchase your home no matter what else has sprung up nearby.

Poor Neighbourhoods

Just as neighbourhoods can improve they can also diminish and in the current economic climate, many once thriving towns have suffered deprivation. What’s more, some people who invested in places where things were expected to improve have found that the market has remained stagnant and they’ve ended up with a carbuncle around their neck. Very few private buyers want to purchase a property in a poor area, so if you live near a failing high street, a poor or closed down school or in a half empty or unfinished development, you may find it very hard to attract everyday purchasers through your door. Cash buyers, on the other hand consider homes in every type of area and make fair cash offers based on the realistic current market value of the property.

 Housing Collapse

The changing environment, more extreme weather and general erosion have led to an increase in natural disasters over the last few years. Flooding has become a far more common occurrence and may owners with homes near cliff edges have found them growing ever closer to the edge. Meanwhile, landslides and sinkholes are becoming more prevalent. When your home is in danger from the surrounding environment it would be practically impossible to sell it through an estate agent, but cash buyers will consider homes that are brand new or on their last legs.

Using a Cash Buyer

When a real disaster befalls your home it’s stressful enough, without then having to go through the strain, hassle and expense of securing an estate agent sale. So why not make things a whole lot easier and get in touch with a cash property buyer to find out how a quick, convenient and completely free cash home sale could benefit you.

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